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MKLA Africa

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Our name is Our Heritage

Handcrafted Dry Goods 

MKLA (pron. Makala)
Handcrafted Dry Goods made to order.
Purposefully designed for Life's Journey.
Handmade in Africa

MKLA Africa (pron. Makala)

Is a Botswana founded Leather and Canvas Goods manufacturer. it serves as a reminder of who we are in an ever-evolving world.

MKLA Africa goods are handmade with quality craftsmanship. Each leather and canvas piece are hand cut, every leather hole is hand punched and each stitch saddle stitched with utmost care.

A MKLA Africa Is Uniquely Yours

Just as your fingerprint is uniquely yours, so is each MKLA Africa product, for no 2 material cuts or stitches are exactly the same. You co-create every MKLA Africa product your own. As vegetable tanned leather darkness over time, the natural oil in your hands regular use of the product will add to its patina. Every scratch and change will tell of a specific moment in your life journey.

We source raw materials and hardware locally and regionally, collaborating with local artisans where opportunity arises.

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