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SouthOak Medical

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    Plot 73948, Unit 2, Morula Industrial Phakalane, Gaborone

SouthOak Medical

Southoak Medical is a 100% Motswana woman-owned company dedicated to manufacture and supply the best medical equipment. We manufacture and supply health care equipment ranging from Non-woven Mop/ Bouffant caps, Non-woven Reinforced Surgical Gowns, Theatre Gowns, Non-Reinforced Gowns, Theatre suits, Non-woven Shoe Covers, PE Shoe Covers and other medical personal protective equipment. We are also a medical distributor company.

List of Products:

• Hospital Linen
• Non-Woven Medical Clothing
• Infant Medical Clothing
• Hospital Clothing
• Hospital Staff Clothing
• Surgical Reinforced Gowns
• Isolation Gowns
• Drapes
• Hospital Blankets
• Hospital Sheets
• Hospital Pillow Cases
• Adults' Hospital Clothing
• Non-Woven Mop Caps
• Non-Woven Shoe Covers
• PE Shoe Covers
• Disposable Isolation Gowns
• Sterilised Medical Gowns
• Infants Hospital Pyjamas
• Adult Hopital Pyjamas
• Theatre Gowns
• Medical Scrubs
• Patient Gowns
• Patient Leggings
• Children's Theatre Gowns
• Medical Scrubs
• Patient Gowns
• Patient Leggings
• Children's Gowns
• Adult Gowns


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