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Mr. Boikobo Bashi Paya

Mr. Boikobo Bashi Paya
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Executive Director Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainability and Legal Compliance

Mr. Boikobo Bashi Paya (BK) joined Khoemacau Copper Mining from Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST), where he was the Director of Research and Development.

Prior to joining BIUST, BK enjoyed a long career with the Ministry of Minerals Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR), where he rose through the ranks to Permanent Secretary.

BK holds a Bachelor of Science (Geology) degree from the University of Botswana and a master’s degree of Philosophy (Geology) from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.

Events with this Speaker

2nd Nov
11:30 - 04:50

Trade and Investment Conference 2022

Reimagining our Economy for a Better Tomorrow Through Digitalization and the Application of Robust Export-Led Strategies.

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