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Mr. Wanatsha Moakufhi

Mr. Wanatsha Moakufhi

Citizen Empowerment Programme

Wanatsha is a Senior Project Manager with Debswana, in Botswana and looks after Debswana’s Citizen Economic Empowerment Programme (CEEP), a restructured performance based socio economic development programme that partners with stakeholders to create economic opportunities for Debswana’s partners and the community. 

He joined Debswana in 2015 and was appointed to the position of Senior Project Manager- CEEP in July 2019 having previously led Sesiro Insurance Company (Debswana’s general insurance company). He is an admitted attorney of the High Court of Botswana and holds a law degree from the University of Botswana

 Wanatsha has over his 21 year career, served as a corporate attorney with various companies in Botswana including BPOPF and Tati Nickel Mining Company; and he has also delivered transformative outcomes such as pioneering legal expenses insurance cover with Letshego Guard and restructured Sesiro Insurance Company into an efficient risk carrying vehicle that provides affordable insurance to employees of Debswana and its associated companies. 

He is humbled by the opportunity to lead the CEE program that delivers on a shared citizen spend value and job creation. He passionately advocates for a purpose driven change and is an ardent believer in leadership through influence as a progressive tool for delivering socio economic development in our communities. 

Wanatsha has completed various leadership trainings including a Management Development Program with UNISA School of Business Leadership, Board Leadership Program with Gordon Institute of Business Science, Game Changers at Anglo Leadership Academy, Behavioural Economics and Strategic Agility with Harvard Business School Executive Development Program.  

Events with this Speaker

1st Nov
08:00 - 12:00

#PushaBW Forum


The #PushaBW campaign was launched in December 2018. The campaign is a national initiative aimed at encouraging and rallying Batswana to actively grow the local economy by supporting and buying locally made products, supporting local initiatives and using local services. The campaign implores Batswana to empower, sustain and grow the country by consciously purchasing and using products made and grown in Botswana. 

The campaign is premised to achieve the following key tenets:

  • Buy more:

To drive encourage and drive the population to buy and utilize more local products and services

  • Awareness creation:
  • Support local producers with marketing activities that create awareness of their products.
  • Give reason to take action:
  • To provide public education on reasons to ‘Buy Botswana’
  • Where to find them:
  • Development of a local supplier Database for Botswana products and services that can be accessible by Batswana
  • Advocate for policy:
  • Advocacy for key policy issues and interventions that will lead to the success of the campaign

The campaign continues to gain significant momentum, this is proven by the notable support and uptake from various stakeholders who have bought into it and have even partnered with Brand Botswana for campaign collaborations. The #PushaBW campaign has sub themes being #ListenLocal which is aimed at promoting local music, #EatLocal aimed at promoting Botswana’s cuisine and #TravelLocal which is aimed at promoting local travel to various tourism destinations in the country. 

#PushaBW Forum

As another avenue to achieve the above objectives of the campaign, Brand Botswana annually hosts the #PushaBW Forum during the Global Expo Botswana. Through the Forum, Brand Botswana aims to create a platform where local stakeholders interact to discuss different issues. In the past, the below have been discussed: 

  • Consumer behavior around local goods and services
  • What is required to get the population to procure more local
  • The role of different stakeholders in the buy local initiative
  • What are the local quality standards and how producers can ensure that their products meet the required levels of quality for consumer uptake
  • The branding and packaging that is of the standard required to be on local shelves
  • What can be done to stimulate interest in local products and services

Past themes

YearFocus/Theme Participating stakeholders 
2019Product development (standards, branding, labelling)NFTRC, BOBS, Branding expert, Arona Natutral Foods  
2020Facilitating access for local producer in retail space Major retail outlets, DeBeers, Hilton Garden Inn, White Label Fragrances 

The 2022 edition of the #PushaBW Forum will focus on notable achievements since the launch of the #PushaBW as well as notable outcomes from the last two editions of the #PushaBW Forum.  The event will consist of a presentation on how supporting/buying local impacts on the Nation Brand and panel discussions featuring entities that have made deliberate efforts to support/buy local, focusing on challenges, experiences and success stories.

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